Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keep on Swimming!

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Hello   Welcome to .....another hot day!  Hot weather reminds me of

boat rides
white water rafting
tubing down the Llano River
(don't forget the beer)
and watching horse races
in Fredericksburg

In celebration of summer...I also thought of Dorie.  What does Dorie do when it is hot?
Here is the answer:

She keeps on swimming!  ha ha ha!  I just played a joke on you!  Did it make you smile?

This awesome sentiment reminded me of Dorie.  You can check out this stamp set and other products of Mary at Cardztv here.     Have a great Saturday.....and keep on Swimming!


  1. It made me smile and laugh out loud!!! I love your card! Dorie is just adorable!! And the sentiment is perfect!!! :)

  2. Keep on swimming! I love Dorie! GREAT card. :) Janis


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