Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cardztv Stamp Challenge Day Two

Good morning my friends!  Welcome to Mary's CARDZTV STAMPS Anything Goes!  Challenge!  This is the second day of the challenge which includes some of the new Design Team members of Cardztv Stamps!  I really enjoy being a part of this awesome team since its inception and Mary is just the sweetest person in the world! 

Challenge Theme:  ANYTHING GOES!!
Challenge Begins:  Right Now!!! actually Friday, July 27th at 12:01 am
Challenge Ends:  Thursday, August 2nd at midnight Eastern Time
Winner Announcement:  Friday, August 3rd at CARDZTV, (selected by
Prize:  One set of Cardztv Stamps!

For my project, I chose to make a set of 4 by 4 cards with matching envelopes.  I posted two of these cards earlier this week and chose to post the 3rd card today in the set.  I have also made a box and lid to match and cannot wait to show you the "entire" package of 4 by 4 cards tomorrow!

These cards are for a very special friend who has special needs.  She is always sending me cards in the mail. When she writes me a note, she tells her Mom what she want to say and her Mom lightly writes the message.  Kristin then "traces" over the letters with a pencil.  Kristin turned 25 this year and is a very special lady to me.  I have known her since the day she was born.  I think she will love this little card set.

I used the Cardztv "Fun in the Sun" stamp set for all of the cards.  Mary has created the best stamp sets!

Don't forget to stop by Cardztv to check out the stamp sets!  You can shop for the sets HERE.


  1. Love this! I also love the story behind your project. She sounds like an incredible person.

  2. Love your card set. Kristen sounds like a perfect Gem. She will love these.

  3. You are Super Sweet My Friend. I'm sure she is going to adore these cards that you made for her. Thank you for sharing that sweet story.

    Miss you too my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Adorable card. Is the fish on an Action Wobble?

  5. I think she will love them too. These are all great cards. I love the fish's pattern papers. Hugs! :) Janis

  6. These are adorable. You did a great job!!

  7. Oh Lynn! This is so wonderful!! She is gonna love these cards! These are beautful!!!! :)

  8. adorable so super cute amazing use of Mary's wonderful stamps.

  9. Lynn these are just beautiful!!! Love the use of the stamps here.... too cute!



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