Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh, For those Hatch Chiles!

There is nothing better than great chilies.  The town of Hatch, New Mexico harvests the best green chilies that I have ever tasted.  Hatch chilies are the best.  After moving back to Texas, it is more difficult to find these chilies.  Good green chilies are not hot, nor are they spicy.  They have a distinct flavor unlike other chiles.

In celebration of the harvest this month, I decided to make a card to send to a friend who lives in New Mexico.

No sentiment required:  this card says it all.  I miss those chilies!


  1. Love this card! Miss New Mexico chilies!

  2. Tom loves chilies. Beautiful card. Live that embossing folder and those beautiful colors together.

  3. sounds like you sure know your chilies!!
    fantastic card!!


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