Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dance in the Rain, The Scrapbooking Queen

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  This is Lynn from Bootsandblingtime.   Today I am the Featured Designer as a member of The Scrapbooking Queen's Royal Stamp Design Team.

Here is my card:

So how many of you have seen purple clouds?  I have!  I have!  I was driving through the state of New Mexico a few years ago and the sun was shining...skies were blue...but off to the right there was a HUGE purplish cloud in the sky.  I stopped the car to get a closer look...and noticed it was rotating in a circular motion!  Uh oh!  I got in my car and took off.....and heard a BANG...and another BANG....and then lots of BANGS as softball size hail hammered my car.  I stopped the car and got in the back seat...the hail was so big it punched holes right through the windshield and windows.  And, totaled my car.  It was the scariest thing....I mean SCARY!

The sentiment was just perfect for this card....after the storm passed and I received my check for the totaled car....I went straight to the dealer and bought a Cadillac Escalade!  I sure did "dance" when I got home in my new car!

This stamp set is called "Royal Garden".  You can check out all of The Queen's amazing stamps HERE.

Have a great day!


  1. This is exactly how Florida has looked for the past week (well, not quite pink and puirple) and now I am ready for some sunshine. Thanks for stopping by!

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  2. GREAT card! Love the purple clouds mixed with the blue cloud. Love the raindrops. Awesome! :) Janis

  3. What a story! Glad it turned out great just like your card. Love the purple clouds, the colors and crystal rain droplets. The Cloud and lightening bolt would look great on a Wobble.

    Have a great day! Look out for those funny looking clouds.
    Dee B

  4. I have not seen purple clouds, but I have seen green skies just before hail sorms. Love your card. I am a pink, purple, blue girl. Love the texture on the purple cloud.


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