Friday, April 27, 2012

Tag Ch #17 for April 27th

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52 Tags Week # 17 Challenge:
For Week #17, Create a tag with a HOUSE image... ANY kind of house: beehive, dog house, tree house, gnome house, fish house, King & Queen house, beach house.... any type of house! 
Then on the back of your tag write out the number of times you've moved in your life.

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*You do NOT have to reveal what you write on the back of your tag, but you can if you want to share.
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*One winner each month from all who submitted tags. 

Here is my tag!

We moved 26 times...and always with a dog, doghouse, horses along with our horse trailers, boats and household furnishings!  

Have a great weekend everyone!
Come and play with us!


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  1. I can not imagine moving that many times. I think I may have moved a total of 9 times my whole life. Will have to count for my tag this week. Hugs!!


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