Thursday, April 26, 2012


I just love it when someone strives to reach a goal and through hard work and perseverance, they actually accomplish that goal.  It could be anything from losing 5 pounds to get in that dress size, learning a new language, figuring out how to program the remote so the TV will work (I still call hubby for that one!) ....

Frogs leap.  They don't hop.  They leap.  As you leap from goal to goal....just empowering it is.  Work hard. Go the distance. Stay the course. I taught my son these principles all through his childhood and I am proud to say that he learned these principles.  As a young adult, he is still setting goals, working hard, staying the course.

This card is for you son.

With all my love,



  1. Beautiful post and adorable card! TFS :)
    xxxhugs, Jenn

  2. Oh're such a wonderful mom, with a wonderful son!! Your post made me have a beautiful way with words,sweet lady! Your card is PERFECT!!
    Love you, my friend!


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