Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uh-Oh... Somebody's In Trouble...

We have several four-legged friends who live in our house. One of these precious darlings thought it would be a good idea to tear up my craft magazine and eat my snack I left on the coffee table. OK, so I should not have tempted them with the food, but still, I was not a happy camper to walk back into the room to see a torn-up paper mess and my candy bar gone.  Somebody's in trouble....

  I lined up all 4 babies, who were very happy to give me their attention because they thought I was about to toss some treats their way.  Instead, I pointed out my finger and said, "Who did this?"  Can you believe one of the babies sulked out of the room and went and hid under the bed?! LOL  It's not funny... well, it is a little bit.  

And since that particular doggie belongs to my son who is currently in another state playing Army, I decided to make a card and send it to my son which reads something like this, "Please come home soon. I tore up your Mommie's magazine and ate her chocolate. I need you."  And I included a picture of little angel in the card too.

Cricut Lite cartridge FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS
Cut @ 4"
Papers are from scraps

This is my submission for the following challenge:
Creative Card Crew - For A Child (this card is for my child - no matter how old he gets, he's still my baby.... shhhh- don't tell him I said that)


  1. Uh Oh.......poor Mae!
    Really cute card tho. You need to give her a kiss, for inspiration.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging a newbie! The card you commented on is a grasshopper...but sure looks like a cricket to me, too. :)

    I'm loving this dog card! Did you do any inking, or are all the shadows from the papers you used?

    I'm more of a cat person, but who can't melt for puppy dog eyes?


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